Gas Fireplaces

Adding Warmth, Ambiance & Style!

High efficiency zone heating! If you’re looking to add warmth, ambiance, and style to your home or business, visit Enchanted Fireside to view our selection of natural gas and propane fireplaces and stoves. These long-lasting appliances are among the highest rated for energy efficiency in the market, offering complete comfort and control at the touch of your fingertips. You’ll love the look and feel of these gas fireplaces!

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace
  • Convenience: Quickly turn the fire on or off, adjust flame height and fire intensity. Natural gas fireplaces, stoves or inserts fit into many different decors. Plus, both gas and propane are extremely Green sources of energy.
  • Fire Characteristics: Gas fires are consistent and controllable by design. You choose the fire’s intensity.
  • Fire Starting: Flip a switch or grab your remote. It’s that easy.
  • Type of Heat: Gas Fireplaces offer high efficiency heating. Enjoy a steady mix of radiant and convective heat.
  • Fuel Storage & Handling: Natural gas is piped directly to your home by a gas utility. Propane gas is stored on site in an above or below ground tank which is refilled by an LP gas provider.
gas fireplace with blue glass 3-sided see-thru peninsula

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