Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Remote controls make enjoying the warmth and beauty of a fire convenient and low maintenance.

If you operate your Original Energy pellet stove/insert via a remote control, please put new batteries in the transmitter at the start of the new season.

Check that the sliding switch on the receiver box is in the REMOTE position and that the receiver box is plugged into an outlet with power.  If needed, you can re-sync the transmitter and the receiver by

  1. Pressing the LEARN button on the receiver box, then
  2. Quickly pressing the MODE key on the transmitter. You should hear several rapid “beeps” that confirm they are once again communicating with each other.

We also have answers to many questions under Frequently Asked Questions.

And, your Owner’s Manual is always your most valuable source of information on the safe operation and maintenance of your pellet stove or insert. If you need another copy of the owner’s manual, please call us and we will be happy to provide you one.

Enjoy your fire features this winter!