Fireplace Installation & Maintenance in Milford,MA


Fireplace Installation & Maintenance in Milford,MA

Enchanted Fireside is here to help you with all of your stove, fireplace and insert needs in Milford, MA!

Established in 1995, Enchanted Fireside brings years of experience and passion to all of your home’s projects. We provide a wealth of knowledge partnered with excellent customer service when you are looking to purchase a new stove or fireplace. We carry a wide array of mantels, surrounds, fireplace enclosures, accessories, gas logs and maintenance products, along with grills and smokers for outdoor entertaining.

In addition to a large inventory, we are safety first. We prioritize your family’s safety to keep you happy and warm during the colder months. We will install, service and perform yearly checks on your stove or fireplace to ensure your product is running smoothly.

At around 40 minutes of a drive from our business in Worcester, MA, to Milford, MA, we are easily accessible if you need us.

Milford, MA is a fairly large town of about 27,000 people located a short drive from Worcester, Providence, and Boston. With Milford being on the larger side, there is much to do. Parks and fields are abundant for recreational activities, something that a much larger city has trouble offering. The Milford Upper Charles Trail is also located here. The trail is about 24 miles long and excellent for walking, hiking or biking. In addition to parks, there are many options for restaurants and hotels in the area.

Take a ride to see us in Worcester, we would love to be a part of your new fireplace or stove installations!