Electric Fireplaces

Modernize Your Space with Style and Efficiency.

Everyone loves the cozy feeling of a sitting by the fire, from the crackling embers to the warmth of the flames. Electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts are rapidly becoming a popular economical alternative to traditional wood burning, gas, and pellet fire features.

Here at Enchanted Fireside, we have a wide variety of electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts in built-in, wall-mount, and insert designs that are beautiful, energy efficient, and low-maintenance. It’s the perfect way to add ambiance and style to your home or business without the maintenance of traditional fire features.

Benefits of an Electric Fireplace
  • Extremely reliable heat: No gas or wood to purchase. No venting required. Install almost anywhere. Plus, electric fireplaces provide relaxing ambience and make a beautiful decoration to any room in your home.
  • Fire Characteristics: A unique, hypnotic glow with no actual flames.
  • Fire Starting: Use an outlet or have the unit hardwired. Then, simply flip a switch or grab your remote.
  • Type of Heat: Electric fireplaces produce radiant heat— similar to that of a space heater— and you completely control the heat output.
  • Fuel Storage & Handling: Electric fireplaces are extremely hassle-free and don’t require any fuel storage.

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