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Differences Between Vented & Vent-Free Gas Logs

When connected to a gas line, gas log sets conveniently start your fire simply with a turn of a key or flip of a switch. Gas logs also produce constant heat with no need to buy or chop firewood or clean up ashes. As gas fireplace can save up to 25% of your energy bill.
Brick and mortar, masonry-style fireplaces require Vented Gas Logs. Zero-clearance, prefabricated fireplaces operate with Ventless Gas Logs.

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Benefits of a Vented Log Sets
  • Efficiency & Convenience: higher efficiency and the higher quality air – average of five times more efficient than traditional fireplaces; easy to install.
  • Fire Characteristics: produces a yellow, smoky, wood-like flame, so they must be used in a fireplace with a working chimney.
  • Type of Heat: Less heat than ventless logs; probably won’t heat your room.
White Mountain Hearth Pioneer Vented gas logs
Benefits of a Vent-Free Gas Log Sets
  • Efficiency & Convenience: very efficient because all of the heat being produced stays in the room and burn less gas than Vented gas logs.
  • Fire Characteristics: do not have quite as realistic appearance.
  • Type of Heat: Designed to be a supplemental source of heat and there are codes governing where they can be used and how many BTU’s can burn within the home.
White Mountain Hearth Kennesaw vent free gas logs

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