Pellet Stoves

Define Your Space with High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Fire Appliances

Pellet stoves are energy-efficient alternatives to traditional indoor heating. Installing a pellet stove or fireplace means you can experience a warm, cozy, and crackling fire whenever you please! Not only do they create a warm and happy atmosphere, they add a unique element of style to homes and businesses of all kind. Pellet appliances are virtually smoke-free, low-maintenance, and highly energy efficient.

Benefits of a Pellet Stove
  • Convenience. Pellet stoves are self-lighting and have thermostat control. Plus, they are self-cleaning (without the work or a chimney)! Pellet stoves have great efficiency and heat circulation. Extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel. They can be a great addition to any room in your home.
  • Fire Characteristics: Similar to wood-burning but most pellet units have much higher combustion and heating efficiencies than ordinary wood stoves or fireplaces.
  • Fire Starting: Some units have automatic ignition while others need you to manually light the pellets.
  • Type of Heat: Adding more fuel will immediately increase convective heat. Radiant heat will remain steady.
  • Fuel Storage & Handling: Like wood, dry storage is suggested. Pellet fuel is normally sold in 40-pound bags. Normal usage is 3-4 tons a year, about 150 – 200 bags. Bags are often sold as 1 ton on a pallet.

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