Getting Your Hearth Appliance Ready for the Winter Season.

Getting Your Hearth Appliance Ready for the Winter Season.

It’s that time of year again – Enchanted Fireside’s favorite time of the year!  The temperatures are dropping and we are waking up to cooler homes.

If you haven’t already, this would be a good time to get your hearth appliance ready for the winter season.  Whether you have gas or pellet fire product, all appliances should be TURNED ON to make sure they are working properly before the cold really hits.

Also, please check or change batteries in remote controls and the receiver box within the unit (if applicable) and then make sure you “SYNC” the remote back up to the receiver box.

GAS CUSTOMERS: please light your pilot and then turn on the burners and make sure you have a nice crisp flame.  For those with IPI gas units please light your pilot and let the pilot burn for a few hours to heat up the flue and then turn on the burners.

PELLET CUSTOMERS: if your pellet stove has been thoroughly cleaned and tested by our factory-trained and certified technicians, and returned to factory settings, then restarting your stove/insert for the first time in the fall will be much like when you started it when it was new. If not, be sure to Contact Us or read other news posts about :

We also have answers to many questions under Frequently Asked Questions.

And, your Owner’s Manual is always your most valuable source of information on the safe operation and maintenance of your stove or insert. If you need another copy of the owner’s manual, please call us and we will be happy to provide you one.

Enjoy your fire features this winter!